Second position for Raga on the Trial in Bilbao!!


The TRS Rider keeps his good riding level on the Xtrial, where he reaches second position on the general class. at just 5 points from the leader!

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The third scoring race for the 2019 X-Trial World Championship has shown again another spectacular Adam Raga performance.

After finishing the leader in the first round and beating his group in the second round, Raga reached the grand final for the third consecutive time this season …

After a battle with Toni Bou throughout the six sections of the course, the TRS rider had to settle for the second final position, with only two points over his rival. This result allows him to keep alive the fight for the world title when half of the championship has been already made…

Also worth mentioning is the debut of the Norwegian Sondre “Gekko” Haga, who was facing for the first time the demands of a world indoor course.



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