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The TRS One continues in our catalogue, incorporating the improvements that the technical team has evolved since its launch and already incorporated into production this year.


Product Description


The third generation and evolution of the most R model at TRS comes to the market once again, the new RAGA RACING 2019, which will be at all Distributors in November 2018!!!

The new RR 2019, available  like its predecessor in its four displacements, 125, 250, 280 and 300, continues to be the flagship and best-selling model of TRS and this year, incorporates a long list of evolutions and technical improvements that Without a doubt, will contribute to continue optimizing their behavior & performance

Evolutions & Technical improvements

1 – New Graphics.
2 – Water pump cover with new centerings.
3 – New water pump shaft – Better reliability.
4 – Rear brake pump with new curved tube double diameter.
5 – Front brake new calippers.
6 – New brake and cluth pumps.
7 – Engine covers new mechanization.
8 – Rear Wheel axe screw with steel insert. Avoid potential seizures.
9 – New exhaust forged supports with silemblock. Avoids vibration and improves reliability.
10 – New setting on rear schock REIGER.
11 – Front fork with new setting.
12 – New KEIHIN carburation 48 – 125 4 position needle. Slow jet from 45 to 48.
13 – CDI with new programme and more power on bottom.
14 – Carters with new tolerance and mechanization. Improves performance.
15 – Cylinder new distribution.
16 – Reinforced connecting link.
17 – Frame tap devaporizer tube adaptor plastic.
18 – New protector for the filter box.
19 – Clutch selector with new spring. Better touch and softer.
20 – New side stand and support.