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Jitsie Air Filter JI713-999

Bike: Ossa 13-15


SKU: JI713-999.
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Product Description

The Jitsie air filter is manufactured with the highest quality bonded dual layer foam available for maximum airflow and engine protection. It offers a dual-foam design with a foam rubber seal around the rim of the filter.

Installation is easy as the air filter fits the stock filter cage without a problem. No matter how bad or dusty the conditions are, just pull out the Jitsie filter and see how it keeps the dust and dirt out of the engine. To achieve the full advantage of the greaseless seal, clean any excess grease from your air filter box. Prepare the air filter as normal, but spare the task of dipping a finger in a tub of nappy grease.

The Jitsie foam rubber seal will pass any test with flying colors!


  • exclusive extra wide foam-rubber base for a waterproof and airtight fitment
  • constructed with larger than OEM surface area for maximum airflow
  • course outer layer stops large particles and resists clogging
  • fine inner layer takes care of dust
  • air filter supplied pre-oiled so it can be used immediately


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Additional Information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 14 x 14 x 2 cm