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2020 Montesa Cota 4RT Race Replica

The 2020 Montesa Cota 4RT Race Replica is ready for competition with its reliable 260cc Honda engine and new premium Showa suspension, race replica trim and speciality carbon parts. The perfect choice for serious competitors and weekend trials enthusiasts alike.

Product Description


Ever since its first appearance in 2005, the Montesa Cota 4RT model started a revolution in the world of Mot0trial, a discipline dominated completely by the mechanics of 2 stroke engines. These power plants are compact, highly reliable and easy to use, however they are often chastised for being highly polluting. This being the case, Montesa, in close collaboration with Honda Motor Co., and in anticipation of the emissions standards that were to be enforced in 2006, developed the Montesa Cota 4RT, an advanced trial motorcycle equipped with a compact and revolutionary 4 stroke and 4 valve engine with a PGM-FI electronic fuel injection system, which resulted in a highly efficient machine with a low level of emission pollution and a significant value in power and torque. The innovation of the motorcycle also is present in its chassis, with the adoption of an aluminum frame and a set of high quality SHOWA suspensions, known for the effective design of the rear suspension system. Surprisingly, from the very beginning, the performance of the 250cc engine has been able to compete, in theory, with the superior 2stroke engines with similar displacement.

The Montesa Cota 4RT has always been recognized for its exclusive technological features, as well as for being a model of superior quality and proven liability, aspects that were clearly valued by the clients of the brand.

The new Cota Race Replica transmits a modern and fluid style with a new design of the fuel tank, a lot more slender and compact but keeping enough capacity to enjoy a long trial recreation day.

The new rear mud guard is also designed to match the slender look of the fuel tank giving the motorcycle a more stylish overall look.

The 4RT models have always been known for their great quality finish and their excellent components that maintain their properties intact throughout out the years. This is something we have maintained in the new Cota models with the incorporation of the highest quality style and stickers.


Keeping the compact thermodynamic base of the Montesa Cota 4RT, the already advanced 4 stroke engine has undergone various changes, among them the increase of engine displacement to 260cc plus a new larger capacity fuel pump. This addition significantly increases the power of the bike. To match this a new ECU map has been developed to further develop better power at low to mid revs.

Not only engine displacement has increased, also, wanting to achieve the best balance of performance given the change, the new 260 engine uses a newly resigned camshaft to adjust the distribution diagrams for a better response from the engine at any range of rpm.

Also, the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) incorporates a new injection and ignition map to optimize the changes made on the engine’s thermodynamics. With the new mapping the new Cota achieves better traction capacity more especially at non favourable terrain while keeping constant throttle or even at more critical situations like at closing and opening the throttle when performing a trial section. With this feature the bike is more efficient and rider gets better feedback which at the end results in better control.

All these changes translate into a better performance. The power plant now stands out because of its higher top range as well as its improved response at low range in order to get a better rider’s feel of the engine. The engine is now more flexible and more user friendly at any range of rpm, providing higher torque figures specially from mid to top range. Another highlighted feature worth noticing is the perfect connection between the throttle control and the rear traction, an aspect of vital importance in trial, for which a precise operation of the Electronic Fuel Injection System PGM-FI is essential.

Finally, another important improvement is the further reduction of the engine braking, a characteristic of the 4 stroke engines that has been intelligently solved by the Honda engineers by incorporating a crankcase decompressing system. Through this system, when closing the throttle, the engine brake is minimized making the motorcycle feel more light and easy to control. The 2018 model also features the same longer kickstarter featured on the 300RR making for easier starting.

With the application of all these solutions, the Cota 4RT faces all situations and tests with more power and more control for the rider.


The Race Replica version features a new set of front brakes,designed by Braktec, that incorporate a 4 piston monoblock caliper, making the braking more efficient and powerful. As for the 4RT260, the brake master cylinder, also Braktec, has been revised internally to make it more durable whilst keeping an optimum braking performance at all times.


The front suspension is the quality and respected Showa forks whilst the rear is also fitted with a new Showa rear shock, used to increase the levels of agility and stability as well as giving the more range in the spring preload adjustment


The graphics is completely new and adopts the style and colors of the official Team Honda Repsol motorcycles used by Toni Bou and Takahisa Fujinami. The handlebar and the triple clamps have also been changed and now also come in black color.

New featues for the 2020 models are:

New EFI map settings for even more performance and better power delivery.

New design rear fender as used on the all new Cota 301RR, Featuring all new decal design.

Front and Rear brake disc wavy design for better performance and looks.

New flatter tank and new design tank cap. Painted white.

New lighter and stronger stand

The Race Replica version inherits the new powerful image of the motorcycle of the World Champion.