2017 Montesa 4Ride

The Montesa 4Ride is built around 4 key elements – adventure, fun, freedom and versatility. From its 4-stroke engine to its elevated seating, every single part is built with these 4 elements in mind.

Created to take you from roads to mountain paths, the Montesa 4Ride lets you enjoy your environment in comfort and style. With wide gear ratios you’ll experience incredible performance on longer journeys. And thanks to a large-capacity fuel pump, you’ll get a fuller power curve.

Product Description


Reinventing off-road

Enjoy red front fender and side covers, a new red and black seat, axles and wheels, black rims, spokes, handlebars and aluminium fuel tank.

Feel it: The 4RIDE is sporty and stylish, has a 4-stroke engine, 5-speed gearbox, is light, strong, manageable, powerful, comfortable to ride and easy to handle with a smooth throttle response. New Dunlop tyres with lots of grip. The front axle is light and agile, with effective suspension to deal with uneven terrain.