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2018 Scorpa 125 Twenty

The new Twenty 125 has been designed to meet the needs of most trials riders, from beginners to top professionals.

Product Description

The 125 cc. is the smallest of the Scorpa Twenty range. Young people can start their riding career on practically the same bike as the larger displacement professional models. The 125 model is different from the rest of the product models by its smaller displacement. It however shares all of the cycle-parts and therefore all the benefits and advantages offered by the modern Twenty Trials Range. Thus, young riders will have an excellent foundation to accelerate their learning and will soon be able to take the next step up to the powerful 250 and 300 cc engined machines.

Recent Evolutions

  • Marzocchi aluminum fork
  • New frame design
  • Opening of the air filter inlet modified to improve air flow to the filter
  • New handlebar shape
  • New thermostat control sensor
  • Reprogrammed CDI
  • New support for the reed petals
  • Redesigned silencer interior
  • New kickstarter mount
  • New radiator support bracket
  • New thermal insulation for the interior of the filter box
  • New fluorescent graphics