An emblematic figure for the brand with 5 French Elite league titles, it is quite natural for Alex to extend his contract with Sherco.

However, in 2019, the role of the Frenchman will change. He will participate in the World Championship Trial 2 with the goal of winning the overall title. He will also compete in the French Championship where he will be in the line of fire because he will be competing for his fourth title in a row.

We will also have the chance to see Alex in various exhibitions and at the Urban-Trial and at the X-Trial des Nations!

Now an experienced rider, Alex also has a key role within the structure of the Sherco Academy in the role of coach for young riders.

“I am very happy to be able to continue with Sherco after all these years, it will be my 11th year with the team! I am very honored to see this mutual trust that we have been able to establish between us, I feel like an ambassador for the brand and it’s an additional motivation to get the title in Trial 2 and the Championship of France in the Elite class this season. The motorcycle has evolved significantly recently, I feel better and better on it. We will accentuate the collaboration with the RD from Sherco to bring the bike to an even higher level. ” Alex Ferrer

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