Marlborough Trials Centre (MTC) was born when Brendon and Cathy (trials enthusiasts) acquired the sole agency for Montesa Cota in 1999.  This was a home business to start with, as Brendon was also working full time.


Around the same time, MTC also contacted makers of trials accessories and clothing overseas and applied to be the NZ Agents for one brand of trials clothing (Clice).  This was successful, and resulted in MTC importing a large amount of specialist trials gear.


Many trials riders in NZ responded to this by supporting the business and helping it grow.  A huge amount of time and huge borrowings from the mortgage also helped it grow!


Brendon (and occasionally Cathy) were competitors at many trials events around the country, which allowed Brendon to talk to riders about what we were doing with the business.


For 4.5 years the business operated from home while Brendon did full time work.  During this time, Brendon and Cathy (and their growing family!) moved from Nelson to Blenheim and to a new job for Brendon.  MTC also acquired the sole agency for Scorpa and Clipic motorcycles in New Zealand during this time.


In July 2004, Brendon left his full time job with the view to growing the business as a home business for at least a year and then trying to move the business to its own premises, if it was viable to do so. Due to unforeseen circumstances (i.e. a neighbour) Nelson Marlborough Trials Centre had to find premises outside of home or close up shop.  This turned out to be the best thing that could have happened for the business, although at the time the move involved a great deal of personal risk and borrowing of money (again!).


Brendon was lucky enough to find some affordable premises in Blenheim.  With the move into Auckland Street, MTC picked up some local business, which necessitated the hiring of a mechanic after 6 months, and two part timers.  MTC also picked up local agencies for GasGas and  Aeon.


While still providing a service for trials riders around the country, MTC has expanded – locals who are involved in other facets of motorsport – Motorcross/enduro/trail riding have also supported MTC. Another big part of the business today is local farmers (Farm four wheelers) and on site servicing of farm bikes.


Many friends have helped Brendon and Cathy along the way; the support of NZ’s trials riders has been fantastic and is very much appreciated!


We can now offer you Finance on all purchases over $500.


Our store will be open Monday – Friday 8am to 5pm and Saturday 9am – 12pm. So Support New Zealand’s first full time trials store, have a look at our latest bike specials, and get into the wonderful sport of Motorcycle Trials!